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Cheap Websites 1.0

No Image Cheap webwites social networks and business links toolbar for Internet Explorer. Starter website prices for small businesses. Links to facebook, twitter and other social media resources. RSS feed on business and how to get the most from your small business website.

Accounting 1.7: Accounting - Perform Your Own Small Business Internal Audits
Accounting 1.7

small business internal audit. After you have audited your business, Small Business Internal Audit provides you with targeted revenue growth, cost cutting and costomer service strategies. Accounting focuses on helping you develop the discipline and persistence needed to build a successful and profitable business. Accounting includes the following features: - Perform your own small business internal audit through our simple step-by-step process. -

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CopyQuick 1.0

businesses and users that don`t have the resources to implement a system on the scale of a corporate computer site. It is almost essential in the running of any small business that you need a PC. A small accounting system and word processor are indispensable. Yet many such business owners may be skilled in their business area but not necessarily computer experts. Maybe the small business has a receptionist or secretary who is the primary computer

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Simple Business Accounting 4.1.1: Easy to use small business accounting that non-accountants can use & understand.
Simple Business Accounting 4.1.1

business activities, and preparation of taxes by either you or your accountant. Business success starts with intelligent money management and you can`t know where you`re going unless you know where you are. SBA allows users to customize their data entry through the use of data folders. Each folder may contain income and expense data for a single business, a division within a business, or an individual. Reports may be generated for a single folder

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InstantInvoice 3 3.4.10: Invoicing software for the small business. Track customer payments. Fast Setup.
InstantInvoice 3 3.4.10

Invoicing, billing and quotation software for the small business. Track customer payments and outstanding invoices. Very fast setup and easy to use. Preview and print powerful reports and charts instantly like invoice listings, sales by customer, outstanding invoice list, customer statements and more. Caters to businesses that do not bill tax, businesses that bill one level of tax and businesses that bill 2 levels of tax (e.g Canada).

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Money 1.7: Money - Software Plus Small Business Consulting Service
Money 1.7

small and medium size businesses in less than 30 minutes a day. Includes 30 online consulting sessions. Product Features: - Tools and strategies to maintain the discipline needed to grow your business. - Includes an option to purchase 30 online business consulting sessions (a $5,000 value). - Detailed revenue growth, cost cutting, customer service & advertising strategies. - Innovative strategies included for over 100 business categories. - Personal

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AB Invoicing A free program for writng invoices that can be expanded with add-on modules.
AB Invoicing

A scalable business system that can meet the demands from most small businesses. Start with free writing of invoices on a single computer and expand to a complete invoicing system run on a network. A very easy-to-use system that lets you concentrate on the actual business but still be in full control of the money side of it. The system can handle all types of taxes and also produce all financial reports you need.

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